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FAQ for New Families

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, you can ASK ROWDY at askrowdy@maclay.org

When is New Student Orientation?  Upper School New Student Orientation is Thursday, August 11th at 8:45 in the Cartee Gym/Dining Hall. Middle School is the same day beginning at 10am and Lower School is Friday at 1pm in the Lower School.
What is the New Family Fair?  The New Family Fair is held on Thursday, August 11 and Friday, August 12 in the Cartee Gym during the orientations.  Tables with Marauder Meals, IT for passwords, locks, clubs, clinic, yearbook - pretty much anything you need to know or sign up for at Maclay all in one spot. 
How do I find the library/gym/main office/uniform sales? Click here for a Campus Map.
How do I find out information and get emails? The maclay.org website is your hub for information.  Enews is emailed to parents on Monday's with some information.  Emails are sent to the email addresses we have in PowerSchool. If you want to confirm your correct email is on file, email news@maclay.orgIf you have unsubscribed, you will need to re-register on-line.  In an effort to reduce costs of postage  and to be more environmentally responsible, most information will be emailed or posted on the website. 

 What are the drop-off and pick-up times? Drop off for Lower School and Middle School is 7:30am and go to their respective black tops outside.


 What are school hours?  Pre-K begins at 8:30am and ends at 12pm. Lower and Middle School begin at 8:15 and dismiss at 3pm and Upper School begins at 7:55 and dismisses at 3:10pm.


What is Early Dismissal? Early dismissal Wednesdays are on the calendar. Students dismiss at 2pm and teachers attend professional development classes.


Where can I find a school calendar? The school calendar icon is on the website home page.


How do I pay for my child's lunch?  You can go the Marauder Meals link under Parents and download your enrollment form or parents can register their student for a Marauders Meal account by going by the dining hall. Once the account is created with an initial deposit, you can go to myschoolaccount.com to monitor food choices and make deposits.


Who do I call if my child is sick and needs to miss school?  Only Upper School students must have a parent call the US office by 10am. It’s a good idea to email your teacher and let them know.


Where do I buy uniforms for my child? Can I buy clothing somewhere else and have them monogrammed at a specific place? Can I sell the uniforms back someplace once my child has outgrown them?  Please see the LS handbook for uniform information.  Several independent retailers or individuals have the ability to embroider the seal.  Gently used uniforms ONLY can be place in the “old” PreK building near the Maclay Road entrance and they will be resold for $1 by the MPO.

Where can I purchase Maclay gear?  The MPO Store is located in the front office but a larger selection is located on-line and can be viewed here
How do I log into the Parent Grade Portal and see a report card?  New Families will need to get a username and password to log in for the first time and create a custom log-in.  To access the Grade Portal, click the grades icon on the home page.

Is there an equivalent to a gifted/ IEP curriculum at Maclay?  If and when are students who are able to advance moved ahead? There is no gifted program, however, if a student shows the need to be challenged, the division heads and teachers will consult with the parents. 


How do you evaluate special needs students and how are their needs addressed (ie. reading specialists, speech therapy, etc.)?  The Head of School for each division, the student's teachers, and parents collaborate on any evaluation needs.


Is there standardized testing in place of the FCAT?   The ERB Test is given to students in the Fall.  It is not a pass-fail, but rather a tool used to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. 


What about technology devices?  The Lower School 4th and 5th grades are required to have iPads and Middle School is a Bring Your Own Device divsion.  For specs on devices, visit the division's  home page.

How can I find a tutor for my child? Please consult with the Division Head of School or in Lower School, Frank McKeown at fmckeown@maclay.org, Director of the Center for Learning.  Upper School students can also take advantage of the free Academic Resource Center in the Library Monday-Thursday until 4:30 for tutoring assistance.

My child is interested in participating on an athletic team. Where can I find information about this?  73% of the Upper School students participated in at least one sport last year.  We encourage all students to try one of the 30+ athletic and club teams.


What service clubs and interest-based clubs exist and how do I get my child involved in this?  Check the announcements and website.


Are there class trips? If so, at what grade level do these happen and where do they go?  There are several field trips at each grade level including 4th grade to St. Augustine, 5th grade, Calloway Gardens, 7th grade Washington, 8th Grade, Busch Gardens,  9th grade Freshmen Challenge, 10th grade Sophomore Safari to North Carolina, 11th grade Ski Trip to Colorado.


What graduation events happen at different grade levels? 5th, 8th, and 12th.


I am interested in supporting Maclay by volunteering my time and/or making a donation. How do I get involved in my child’s classroom or elsewhere on campus? Parent volunteers are encouraged. Sign-ups in the classroom, open houses and at MPO events take place the first few weeks of school.  If you missed those opportunities, email the MPO Chair.


What is MPO? What do they do?  The Maclay Parents Organization is a support organization that hosts community events and fundraiser for the school.  If you are a parent, you are a member of the MPO. Come get involved.