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Lower School Uniforms

Students in grades Pre-K3-5th wear a Maclay uniform.  Students may choose from khaki or navy uniform bottoms (or our designated plaid for skirts/jumpers) paired with white, navy or light blue top with the Maclay School crest. Tops can be collared or t-shirt so long as there is a Maclay crest.   For more specific information please refer to  the Lower School Handbook.   Middle and Upper School students are to follow the Dress Code as outlined in the Division Handbooks.

Families have several options for purchasing Maclay uniform apparel for their student.
  1. Purchase embroidered items
  2. Purchase items and then take somewhere to be embroidered
  3. Shop at the MPO Uniform Store
To Purchase Embroidered Uniform Pieces 
Lands' End (School ID # 9001-0022-3) *These items will be mailed directly to you
G. Willie's Uniforms (located in Tallahassee)

To Purchase Uniform Items for Embroidery 
Parents may purchase uniform items locally (Target, The Children's Place, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Gap, etc,) then take them somewhere to be embroidered with the Maclay crest.  The following companies are able to provide this service to our Maclay families:
Tiny Tulip (located inside Maclay's Marian Lawton Langford Library; Drop-off basket near Technology office)
Shopping at the Maclay Parents Organization (MPO) Uniform Store

uniforms Gently-used, laundered uniform items can be brought to the MPO Uniform Store. 

Items may be purchased at the store throughout the year. 

The Uniform Store is located in the old preschool (by the Maclay Road entrance) and is unlocked during the day (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) and is run using the honor system.  

If you arrive and the door is locked, please call the main office at 893-2138 and we will contact someone to unlock the building).

Each item is $1 and you may leave your cash/check in the MPO (payable to Maclay Parents Organization) box inside.