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 Student Device Specifications:

Students in grades 6-9 will be required to bring a laptop computer meeting the following requirements.  Upper School requirements will be announced soon.




Computer Platform

Windows PC / MacBook

Windows PC

Operating System

Windows 7,8,10 | Mac OS X

Windows 7 or 10



Windows PC: i3 processor or higher

Wireless Standard

Wireless N

Wireless AC

RAM Memory

4 GB

8GB or more

Hard Drive Storage

250GB (Highly Recommended)


Built in Camera

Yes (highly recommended)


Battery Life

4+ hours

6+ hours




Security Software

Valid subscription for antivirus / anti-malware

(Mac or PC needs to have valid security software to protect the computer)

Full Internet security suite (antivirus, anti-malware, firewall, zero day protection) Examples:

·        Webroot Internet Security Plus

·        Trend Micro Maximum Security

·        Norton Security Deluxe

·        McAfee Livesafe

Power Supply

Second Power Cord (to stay at school)


Warranty / Service Plan

 It is Highly recommended to have a service plan for the device)

3 years - parts and labor


* If you are using a device with a 128 Solid State Drive, this can work, provided the student clears as much free space as possible and is able to manage the storage so that they do not run out of storage space.  The use of external USB drives, or cloud storage can help.


  • For those that will be purchasing a new device; Maclay School is standardized on the Windows PC platform.  The school purchases Dell laptops and desktops for faculty and campus computers.  Therefore, much of our support services are designed best for Dell products.  Even though we are allowing any computer that meets the minimum requirements above, from the school's experience, and for ease of use and general support with the Maclay community, we recommend a Dell Laptop or 2-in1 laptop running Windows 10.
  • Chromebooks or iPads will not meet the requirements for the student’s primary school device. Those students with existing iPads can benefit by using these as an additional device and e-reader.
  • Warranty, service, and repair is not the responsibility of the school.
  • Batteries that are several years old do not last as long as new on a charge.  There will be limited access to power/charging during the school day
  • Do NOT purchase Microsoft Office.  The full Office Professional suite is provided at no cost to each student through the school.
  • It is not recommended to purchase the entry level or low end of any brand.  When looking at computer performance and cost you often get what you pay for.
  • Age of computer: generally speaking due to decrease in battery life, memory and processor performance it is recommended to not use a laptop more than 2 years old to start with.  Computers over 3 years old tend to lack performance, and have higher incidence of hardware failure.


Other Recommendations:

  • Neoprene Laptop sleeve (or other light weight protective case)
  • Touch Screen
  • Digital pen for touch screens for digital ink. (available on touch screen models)
  • WiDi Compatible (wireless Display)
  • Warranty, a 3-year warranty will cover a good portion of the laptops life. Additional options for extended warranties and accidental protection are often options from the manufacturer.