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Distinguished Alumni Wall and Legacy Walkway


The Maclay School Alumni Association is pleased to announce a very special project –


Maclay Alumni Courtyard

with the

Distinguished Alumni Wall and Legacy Walkway

This new addition to the Maclay campus will be located around the historic Maclay landmark – the Maclay Oak Tree – which has long been a symbol of Maclay and its traditions.  Included in the courtyard will be the Distinguished Alumni Wall with plaques honoring those alums who have received the Distinguished Alumnus Award.  There will also be the Legacy Walkway composed of brick pavers that will connect the courtyard to the Senior Shack.  This walkway is where all alumni can be a part of Maclay’s history and legacy.


The pavers will be available only to Maclay alumni and each paver will be engraved with the alum’s name and graduation year.  The funds raised from the sale of these brick pavers help construct the walkway and will go primarily towards a scholarship and/or financial assistance for Maclay students.   

Download the order form here or order online