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Tips to a Successful Start in Upper School

New to the Maclay Upper School?  Here’s all you need to know:

blog If you are new to Maclay this year, all of our faculty, staff, students, and parents are happy that you have chosen to join our awesome school. To help you transition into the new year, Maclay has several orientation events on August 11 and 12 that we would love for you to attend to help you meet our students and teachers and to help you familiarize yourself with our campus. For more details, please see the calendar on our webpage. Also before the school year starts, a member of one of our mentoring programs will contact you by phone to answer any questions you may have before the first day. Your mentor will also check in with you during the first couple days and weeks of school. Most importantly, we would like you to remember that at Maclay, we want you to feel comfortable being yourself and know that our community will always help you achieve social, academic, and athletic success.

Here’s a few more tips:


Scout out your classrooms before Monday. There are four main pods A, B, C, and D and the Science building and Art building.  Don’t be afraid to ask if you get lost.


The Dining Hall is open at break to get a snack.


Be sure to use the refillable water bottle station!


The M.A.R.C. is the Maclay Academic Resource Center and is a great place to get your homework done after school, have Mrs. Fantle read over your paper before you turn it in, or get some help from Dr. Perry in science or math.  The Dining Hall will be open with a snack bar so you can grab a bite on the way to the MARC which is in the Library classroom starting August 22.


All students can download the Office 365 for free on their computer (up to 5) – Word, Excel, Power Point.  Go to the Academics tab, Technology page and then the How To Instructions for Office 365.


Be on the look out for club meeting announcements and get involved!  There are daily announcements on the website and announced in FLEX period.


Don’t worry about the rotating schedule each day. You’ll get used to it! And don’t be afraid to ask.


Did you know every Wednesday is an early release day at 2pm?


See you Monday!

-Elspeth Suber is a senior taking a Direct Independent Study in Communications