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Uniform Updates for 2017-18

Maclay Community,
As we enter into our second nine-week grading period, the campus is thriving and full of activity.  We have welcomed 177 new students, completed testing, and are preparing to welcome alumni back for Homecoming this week.  This also marks the time for our next step in the conversation about uniforms at Maclay School.  Many of you do not know that ten years ago uniforms were instituted in the Lower Division.  Since their inception, the school has continuously studied and adjusted the entire school's dress code and sought to have a policy which is supportive of the culture our Mission Statement charges us to create and steward at Maclay.
In this attitude of continual improvement, we are ready to make an adjustment to our dress standards to better support our students' academic, social, and emotional development and to build the school safety and unity we desire.  We also acknowledge the Maclay graduate is a student we have intentionally stewarded through a process of self-discovery, independence, discipline, and freedom.  In all of these aspects, we seek as our mission guides, to develop each student with a balance of discipline and freedom.
After much research, many conversations with students, parents, faculty, administrators, and child development professionals, I have identified the necessary adjustments to the current dress codes.  I believe the adjustments will be most beneficial and responsive to the pressures and needs our students are facing now.
Our next step is to form a task force of students, faculty, parents, and board members to research and recommend the proper uniform choices at each level, as well as identify a timeline and transition period that acknowledges the freedoms our current 6th & 7th graders have enjoyed, as their classes will be the ones most significantly impacted.  We seek to have uniform choices and timelines in place by January for implementation in August of 2017.
In general, the dress code standard we will be moving to is as follows:
* PK-3 - 4th Grade
- No change
* 5th Grade
- Updated uniform with additional choices to honor the highest grade in the division as well as additional choices for young adolescents.
* 6th -8th 
- Uniforms for all Middle School grades
- The Task Force will make special considerations to our rising 7th and 8th graders who will be impacted the most during this transition
- 8th graders will have special uniform options to designate their status as the highest grade in the division.
- The Task Force will be charged, specifically, with finding uniform choices that are varied and numerous in order to be responsive to the needs of a rapidly developing and changing middle school student body.
* 9th - 12th 
             - Dress code remains as is at the Upper School.
- Once a week, all Upper School students will have a Maclay Day/Dress Day.
- Details of this weekly dress day will be defined by the Uniform Task Force.
The Board of Trustees and I agree this is a responsible and appropriate step for Maclay at this time.  If you have any questions or comments, please email uniforms@maclay.org and it will be delivered to the Uniform Task Force.  We will seek a smooth transition for each grade level as we are responsive to the academic, social, emotional, relational, and developmental pressures our students face.
James Milford
Head of School
Maclay School